Peer Review Assignment

Due Tuesday, April 7

For this assignment, you will read two papers by other students in the class and offer your own comments on them. The point of the exercise is

  • to let you see how different students approached the topics you were writing about,

  • to give you some additional feedback on your paper, which you may want to take into account in writing your next paper.

  • to give you practice asking the kinds of questions you should be asking about your own paper.

Your review of each paper should consist of answers to the following seven questions:

  1. What is this paper’s thesis, and how clearly is it expressed?

  2. Were you persuaded by the author’s analysis? Why or why not?

  3. Are there parts of the paper that could be omitted, or does every part contribute to the argument?

  4. Are there parts of the paper you found confusing or hard to follow? If so, which, and how might they be made clearer?

  5. Did grammatical errors or awkward phrasing ever impede your reading of this paper? If so, give some examples.

  6. What part of the paper did you find most illuminating?

  7. Do you have any other constructive advice for the author?


Starting today, when you log in to the bCourses site for this course, you should see two peer reviews on your home page.

Select each review, and read the whole paper a couple of times before beginning. Then answer the questions provided, either in the comment box or by uploading a separate file. Your answers will be visible to the author of the paper and to the instructors; you need not turn in a hard copy for this assignment.

The deadline for completing the assignment is April 7.